Hey guys,

We have been handed some pretty unwelcome news we have been waiting to confirm. It seems all good things come to end as we have been told that the Blender Studios will be no more as we know it as of January 31st. Building owners/developers won't give us an extension on our lease after 15 years so Blender Studios will be looking to relocate. The Blender Studios is synonomous with our event and with out that there can be no market in the lane. But all is well, greener pastures are on the horizon and will be unvield in good time. ;)

Blender Market will run per usual on Jan 11th, 18th and the last one being on the 25th.
We plan to go out with a bang!! ;)

We are now taking bookings for those dates so if you will like to re-affirm your interest in any or all of those dates in January then now is the time to book!

Help us celebrate in style the 5 seasons that was!

The Blender Market
Gee, Nic and Matt XX

Ps. We will back, dreams in the works. ;)



The Blender Ln Artists Market is an outdoor event held every Wednesday from 5-10 pm, located in one of Melbourne's most diverse and vibrant street art covered lane ways.

Take a walk through the quirky and colourful market stalls showcasing a variety of art, illustration, craft, design, textile and jewellery.

You can find that unique gift for any occasion, taste some yummy treats and get involved in a variety of weekly workshops.

There is also performing arts and live music acts to soak up. Enjoy the chilled atmosphere and take the opportunity to view the open studios of the resident artists or see whats on exhibit at the Darkhorse Experiment Gallery.

Blender Ln Artists Market from Pitchi on Vimeo.