Skewered started in March 2015 as a Brazilian BBQ catering company located in Australia's culture capital: Melbourne. With over 10 years of combined experience in Brazilian restaurants in Brazil, the USA, UK and Australia, Brazilian Chef Caio Avona and entrepreneur Emily Gorman set out to deliver the most authentic Brazilian barbecue experience using local Australian produce.

Serving up amazing feasts every Wednesday night, their vegeteraian skewer is a must on anyones list!




Sylkz has been drawing ever since she could firmly grasp a pencil. Her earliest memory, one of her lounging in the high chair struggling to imitate perfectly the chickens drawn by her grandmother, discarding paper after paper when she fell short of copying that perfect chicken! That's her in a nutshell, a mad scientist type of artist and unfortunately due to this nature too many of her art pieces are left at a standstill waiting for that final perfect stroke. Being born and raised in Melbourne has greatly impacted her interest in art, the influence of our grimy urban street art mixed with her interest in international cultures, intricate patterns and henna art can be seen in her style and pinpointed among the figures she draws and in her handmade crafts & jewellery. Sylkz has many projects on the go at any given time and is always on the look out for educating herself and furthering her talent as an artist.




Dea'er design hand made leather is sophisticated, Keen to challenging every customize tasks. With Natural elegant Veg tan leather and artistic design with craft skills, in order to make fantastic leather goods exclusive for you!

Dea'er design was founded by Dennis Chang in Taiwan Taipei. recently based in Melbourne.




Melbourne artist Chehehe offers custom art objects and hand-made items from the Museum Of Fine Oddities (M.O.F.O).